VUVX2010 Special Issue "Advances in Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray Physics" has been be published in Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related PhenomenaVolume 184, Issues 3-6, Pages 63-354 (April 2011). Edited by Tong Leung. 

Contributed papers are invited on all fundamental and applied topics of Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray physics. Original work of both theoretical and experimental nature is welcomed. Given space constraints in this special issue, only the first 120 accepted papers, to a maximum of 600 journal pages will be published.  Inclusion will be on a competitive, first-come first-serve basis.  Any articles associated with the conference that are accepted after the page limit is reached will be published in a subsequent regular issue of the journal, with a note indicating its relation to the VUVX2010 special issue.

All manuscripts will be subjected to the normal refereeing process for the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy (2 reviews).  This will create a high-impact volume that will become a highly cited modern reference for new advances in VUV and X-ray physics.  We strongly encourage and invite all participants to submit an original article for consideration for publication in this special issue as early as possible to ensure a spot in this special issue. 

A regular article should normally be about  4 journal pages - approximately 3000 words, with no more than 4 figures or tables, each occupying a quarter page.  Please note: One journal page = 1000 words (not counting figures or tables).  

Plenary and Invited Speakers are invited to submit somewhat longer articles (up to 10 journal pages), which can have a review character if appropriate.

Copies of the proceedings can be purchased at the time of registration for $70.00 CDN.  Depending on availability, copies will also be available for purchase during the conference.

IMPORTANT:   To ensure that your manuscript is correctly identified for inclusion in the special issue, please select   "Special issue: VUVX2010" at the "Article Type" step in the submission process and identify the editor as Tong Leung.

Timeline for VUVX2010 Special Issue

Submission site open                  01 January 2010

Conference                                  11-16 July  2010

Submission site closed                31 August  2010

Publication – papers will be published and accessible shortly after being accepted

Print version                                 Late 2010 or early 2011

Special Issue Editor : Tong Leung, WATLab & Chemistry Department, University of Waterloo, Canada, email: tong @