The poster sessions will take place in the Atria of the Life Science Centre.  There are two poster groups:

Group 2P/3P: Monday - Tuesday (July, 12 - July, 13)

  • Mount by 10:40 AM on Monday, remove by 6:00 PM on Tuesday
  • Two formal viewing periods on Monday and Tuesday afternoons
  • Informal viewing throughout sessions on Monday and Tuesday


Group 5P: Wednesday - Friday (July, 14 - July, 16)

  • Mount by 10:40 AM on Wednesday, remove by 4:00 pm on Friday
  • Formal viewing period on Thursday afternoon
  • Informal viewing throughout Wednesday - Friday 


Important information about the poster sessions:

  • Posters should be prepared in the portrait layout (90 cm wide x 120 cm tall, or 3 x 4 feet) to fit in a 120 cm x 120 cm board area.
  • Poster code will be provided (in the program book) and displayed on the poster board
  • Mounting materials will be provided (Velcro, pins).