Short course on quantitative analysis of XANES

Dates:  July 10-11, 2010 (preceeding the VUVX 2010 conference).  

Program: Download the XANES course program


Location:  Hugh Dempster 301, University of British Columbia (UBC) 

Registration: Please register for this course using the main VUVX2010 conference registration page (now closed). The registration fee is $125. Registration is limited to 20 participants.

The main aim of the course is to present novel state-of-the-art approaches for extracting the 3D local structure parameters using XANES (NEXAFS) spectral analysis. The workshop will focus on the use of XANES fitting software FitIt 2.0 in combination with FEFF9 and FDMNES codes for spectral calculations. These three programs will be presented by the main authors. Extensive hands-on tutorials on extraction of structural information from XANES using the FitIt code will be given. Participants can also bring their own case studies to be analyzed. 
FitIt is a XANES fitting program. It uses multidimensional interpolation approximation to minimize the number of calculations using external programs (FEFF or FDMNES). FitIt allows the user to determine the values of structural parameters.

FEFF9 is a code for XANES calculations of a fixed structure of a studied material. It uses full multiple scattering theory within the muffin-tin approximation. 

FDMNES is a code for XANES calculation of a material having a fixed structure. It allows the user to perform calculations of spectra using the finite difference method with non-muffin-tin potential or within full multiple scattering theory. 


It is expected that participants have already used XANES (NEXAFS) or EXAFS methods in their research. 

The number of participant is limited to 20.  If needed, organizers reserve the right to select participants. Priority is given to PhD students and post-docs. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation, accommodations, and meal costs. Participants should have their own laptop computers with Windows operating system.

Software and educational material:

Please download and install the required software before the meeting. A special licence key is required for FitIt (see instructions). An electronic copy of educational materials will be provided to registered short course attendees.


Grigory Smolentsev, University of Lund, Sweden

Alexander V. Soldatov, Southern Federal University, Russia

Lectures and tutorials speakers

Grigory Smolentsev, University of Lund, Sweden

John J. Rehr, University of Washington, USA

Yves Joly, The Néel Institute, CNRS, France