The 37th International Conference on Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX2010) will celebrate the merger of the two conference series Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics and X-Ray & Inner-Shell Processes by initiating a new, mid-career level award and an outstanding student award

The VUVX Conference Award

The VUVX Conference Award recognizes outstanding experimental and/or theoretical contributions to the scientific areas of relevance to this conference series, ranging from condensed matter studies to gas-phase and cluster research. It is to be awarded to a scientist in mid-career, who has made significant contributions to the field over the past decade or more. 

Nominations were made in fall 2009, and reviewed by the VUVX Award Committee*.  In view of the broad scientific areas of this Conference and the excellent slate of candidates spanning these areas, it was decided to select two award winners, one in condensed matter physics and the other in atomic, molecular and optical physics.

The inaugural awards, to be presented in the Friday morning awards session (16 July 2010) at VUVX2010 are sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Synchrotron Radiation (CISR). They consist of a plenary lecture at the conference, a cash prize, and coverage of travel and on-site costs to attend the conference.

The winners, and their citations, are:

VUVX Conference Award in atomic, molecular and optical physics

Uwe Hergenhahn  (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)

“ For creativity in demonstrating new phenomena of general interest in atomic and molecular physics, including intermolecular coulombic decay in molecules and clusters, complete photoelectron and Auger measurements with spin resolution and resonant decay, asymmetry in photoionization of chiral molecules, and vibrational excitation with inner-shell excitation.”


VUVX Conference Award in condensed matter physics

Eli Rotenberg (Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

“For his development of an advanced soft x-ray angle-resolved soft photoemission facility, and its insightful application to a broad variety of forefront problems in surface and condensed matter physics, including magnetic multilayer structures, surface states, reduced dimensionality materials, strongly correlated materials and superconductors, photoelectron diffraction and holography, and most recently graphene.”

---The VUVX Student Award---


A VUVX Student Prize is also being inaugurated at VUVX2010.  This Prize consists of a certificate, payment of the registration fee, $1000 CDN toward conference expenses, and the presentation of a 20-minute talk in the Friday morning awards session (16 July 2010).  It was awarded on the basis of information provided to the VUVX Awards Committee*, including a curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation, and an extended abstract of the work to be presented at the Conference. This award is jointly sponsored by SPECS and Bestec.


Suet-Yi (Shirley) Liu (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, and RIKEN, Wako, Japan)

“For her creative work in molecular physics involving the development of a first instrument for carrying out time-resolved photoelectron energy and angle imaging by a femtosecond UV laser and a VUV free-electron laser.  Her research has included extensive instrumentation design, as well as data analysis.” 


*The VUVX Award Committee consisted of:

Adam Hitchcock, Mc Master University

Akito Kakizaki, University of Tokyo            

Ingolf Lindau, Stanford and SSRL  

Paul Morin, CNRS and Soleil 

Fulvio Parmigiani, University of Trieste and Elettra

Horst Schmidt-Boecking, University of Frankfurt  

Svante Svensson, Uppsala University

Charles Fadley, UC Davis and LBNL (Chair)