Welcome to VUVX2010 

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July 11-16, 2010

Welcome to VUVX2010, the 37th International conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics. More than 451 participants presented 85 oral and 380 poster presentations on a wide range of topics! The full scientific program, including all abstracts, has been posted.

About the VUVX2010 Conference

This international conference will bring together scientists from countries all over the world working in the field of developing synchrotron, laser, or plasma based sources of electromagnetic radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV), soft X-ray and hard X-ray regions, and/or developing novel applications of these sources in a variety of fields.  Topics to be presented range from basic physics to materials science and technology, from molecular reactions to the characterization of catalysts under working conditions, from biology to medical diagnostics, from metrology to the development of advanced optical instrumentation. In addition to the scientific program there will be a Vendors, Publishers, and Facilities Exhibition.


Announcement of the VUVX mid-career award (sponsored by CISR) and student award winners (Sponsored by SPECS and Bestec)
The VUVX public lecture will be given by Paul Corkum.  Download the conference poster / talk