Topic Areas

The program will cover all aspects of the physics of electromagnetic radiation from the ultraviolet to the hard X-ray, with an emphasis on theory, experimental methods, novel results and applications of these energy ranges to probe the electronic, geometric and magnetic structure of matter. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Generation and detection of VUV and X-rays, including lasers & fourth generation SR
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopies
  • VUV and X-ray optical properties measurements
  • Soft x-ray emission as well as resonant elastic and inelastic x-ray scattering
  • Electron spectroscopies excited by VUV or X radiation
  • High kinetic energy photoemission
  • VUV and X-ray spectro-microscopies and micro-spectroscopies
  • Excitation cross-sections, relaxation effects, and many-electron phenomena
  • Linear and circular dichroism, spin detection, time resolved studies
  • Coincidence spectroscopies
  • X-ray holography, lens-less imaging
  • New theoretical approaches for interpreting VUV and X-ray experiments
  • Femtosecond and attosecond electron dynamics.
  • Applications of the above to atoms, molecules, liquids, surfaces/interfaces, nanostructures, clusters, catalysts, environmentally relevant problems, novel and complex materials, strongly correlated and magnetic materials, biological systems, and industrial analytical problems.